Key Signature Entertainment Wedding/Event FAQ’s


1. Who is Key Signature and what do you do?

Key Signature Entertainment is a full service entertainment resource! Key Signature Entertainment has been in business for 6 years. Our founder, Brandon Crumpton, has been in the entertainment business for 12 years. We help clients/couples choose and book the best entertainment for their events and weddings. We work with a wide variety of musicians, from solo artists, full party bands, and national artists. We also work with novelty artists, like magicians, jugglers, and more. Key Signature also produces concerts, so we can handle production and sound needs for larger events and venues.


2. How far in advance should you book your entertainment?

Bands can book up to a year (sometimes longer) out for weddings/large events, depending on their popularity. The sooner a client/couple can decide on what type of entertainment is a perfect fit for them, the better chance there will be a great option available for their date. At the latest we would recommend booking wedding/large event entertainment at least 6 months out. We are happy to recommend different styles of entertainment if a client/couple is not exactly sure what they want.


3. Budgeting – What if I only want entertainment during my ceremony – I do not want a 10-piece band?

That is fine! We often book just ceremony musicians, and we work with a wide variety of those. Some popular options are solo strings (violin or cello), smaller string groups like duos, trios, quartets, solo harpists, pianists, and acoustic guitarists. We can work with your budget to find the right artist for your ceremony. We’re happy to help you with entertainment just for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or all three!


4. What should I expect when working with Key Signature?

Key Signature’s number one priority is to create an easy and enjoyable experience for clients/couples and planners while booking wedding/event entertainment. We take care of all the details leading up to your date like contracts, getting day of information to artists, coordinating with planners and venue correspondents if necessary, and making sure the artist touches base with you before your date. We make sure that our artists have all details they need well before your wedding/event date. You get to do the fun part; pick your entertainment, send us any special requests, and we take care of the rest!


5. What if I know I want entertainment but not sure exactly which group?

We are happy to make recommendations for you. We have a large roster of artists/bands that we work with, so we can recommend several options for whatever style of entertainment you’re looking for that is within your budget.


6. What will the bands wear for our wedding/event?

That is up to you! For weddings, most couples prefer black tie/suit, and our artists are prepared to dress up or down for the occasion. If you’re having a beach or outdoor wedding, our artists are prepared to dress more casual per your request. Same goes for other kinds of events. We will be sure that our artists touch base with you on that and other details personally, so everyone is on the same page before your date.


7. Will you play the music I request?

Our artists/bands are happy to play your requested music. A good way to ensure they will be prepared for any song/announcement requests is to make sure they have all of that information in advance. We recommend giving your band/artist at least two months out from your date to work in or learn materials. We can send you a Request Form to fill out for your special requests.


8. Can I view our band at another event?

If your band is performing for a public event in your area, you are welcome to go see them perform (and introduce yourself if you wish) before your date. Artists enjoy getting to meet their couples/clients. We do not recommend sending clients/couples to private events.


9. Should I meet with my band before my wedding/event date?

Most bands actually do not meet with their clients before an engagement date. Since we act as your liaison between you and your band, we make sure they have all necessary information so that it is not necessary to schedule a meeting with them. This being because your band will play quite a few events between now and your event date.  Our job is to keep your details organized and accessible to the band.  If you absolutely want to meet them prior, we can set that up depending on their availability.


10. How do I know that my band is an experienced performer?

All performers listed on our website are artists that we have worked with before. This ensures their reliability, professionalism, and performance experience.


11. What is your contract and payment process?

Once you’ve picked the perfect artist for your wedding/event, we take all details and issue a contract. This ensures that all details spoken beforehand will be expected and executed. It also locks in the artist of your choice for that date, so you don’t have to worry about no-shows. As far as payment, we require a 50% deposit within 1-2 weeks of issuing your contract. The balance is to be paid to the band the day of your event, or if you do not want to deal with handing out checks on you big day, you can send us the balance payment one week prior to your date. We hold all funds in a holding account until completion of engagement to ensure quality performance. We accept cash, check, debit card, or credit card for your payments. If you decide to pay your artist/band the day of, they require cash or check.