Alternate Take

Alternate Take is a group of four talented musicians who have each played professionally since their teen years, and are well-versed in jazz standards and classical music in addition to contemporary party and dance music.

This is not just your typical wedding or cover band; this group of songwriter/composers can write a theme for your event that will appeal to almost any crowd. If there is a song you want performed, Alternate Take can do it.

Alternate Take FAQs

Q. What style of music do you play?

A. Alternate Take can play any style of music.  From jazz and classical to rock and pop, with anything in between.

Q. How many pieces does the band typically play as and what instruments are they?

A. Our typical setup is four people and we play piano, sax, guitar, drums, and bass. Two players bring multiple instruments and three of us sing lead vocals and harmonies. 

Q. Do you play in other configurations?

A. We play in other configurations if needed. If space is an issue we can play in smaller groups from solo up to quintet. We have a trumpet player on call if multiple horns are requested.

Q. Why did you become a professional musician?

A. Everyone in this band excelled as young musicians and went on to study at the collegiate level and beyond. We all are passionate about music and are fortunate to be able to play full time as professionals because word has gotten out about how well we perform as a band.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Charlotte, NC

Q. Do you travel?

A. Yes. We have been from Florida to Washington, D.C.

Q. Why should an event professional book you?

A. As a result of our vast professional experience, both individually and as a band, we have the ability to adapt to any situation at an event. This band has the top talent in the region, and we have seen almost every possible scenario, so we are able to acclimate however necessary – whether it’s the musical style, venue setup, or staging. Having an electrical engineer in the band is an asset to us for safe and efficient sound setup. Our song list has hundreds of tunes, and we can learn songs that are special to our clients if needed. We DJ as well, so we have the best of live and recorded music available to our clients.

Q. Do you have the capability of providing your own sound & lights?

A. Yes


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