Diamonds and Whiskey

They call it “Dark Country Voodoo.” It’s a fitting genre description as well as a first album title for this Charlotte, North Carolina duo. Haunting guitar riffs dueling with a playful fiddle while sultry country crooning is laid over the top. Hey, if the title fits, wear it.

Singer Jennifer Lauren, and guitarist Von Bury started playing together as Diamonds and Whiskey in the fall of 2016. The band’s debut album, Dark Country Voodoo, was released in 2017 and features a dynamic range of music that showcases their strengths as songwriters, both musically and lyrically, and seasoned performers.

The album presents a range of styles. “Whiskey Down,” was the first song Jennifer ever wrote; about a man who loved whiskey more than her. “Hero” showcases Jennifer’s vocals against a piano backdrop in the style of Tori Amos.  “Rebel Child” brings forth a stomp-and-holler style of country-rock. Every song is different than the next.

“The album’s not perfect, but I wanted to record it live to capture the emotion of it,” Jennifer says. “I get so tired of hearing things being overproduced. It’s all emotional and real.” Jennifer’s raw emotions are a driving force in the music. Having lived a tumultuous upbringing, she’s reached the “now or never” point of her musical career. Her lyrics are filled with heartache and pain as much as they are about triumph and strength.

Diamonds and Whiskey is a determined group of talented musicians whose passion and dedication comes through within every note and lyric of Dark Country Voodoo. The band’s unique sound is as captivating as it is vibrant. One you’ve got it started, you’ll want to let it play.​

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