Welcome to Livehouse! A synthesis of Funk, Rock, Disco, Country, and everything in between, all with the emphasis of making you dance. Livehouse is comprised of some of the groovingest players on the east coast, all of which have Phd’s in making you move! The members of Livehouse have played all styles of music in bands for years and know what it takes to make you hit the floor. Both individually and collectively we have played for all types of functions such as commercial events, community organizations, fraternities, holiday parties, country clubs, and nearly any other type of event you could think of.

All of Livehouse’s shows are tailor-made for that particular crowd. If you want Funk and R&B, we’ve got it. If you would prefer beach and oldies, we’ve got that too. If you would rather just sit back and listen while you relax we also perform both new and standard jazz classics.

Livehouse is committed to bring you the best show that we can with an emphasis on having fun. If you are searching for a band that can do it all, give Livehouse a listen. The door is open, welcome to our house!

Hire Livehouse for your next event by calling us at (704)568-1968 or click “Book This Artist” to check pricing and availability.

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