Roy Daye, Jr.

Roy Daye Jr, has been the front man for Cookie, a popular local dance/funk/alternative band in the Charlotte metro area for nearly 15 years. He has since branched off and began performing as a solo acoustic artist for almost 10 years playing bars, parties and special events. His band experience and his God-given talent coupled with his innate desire to appease every client from the bride to the bartender is evident when he performs for you. His vocal ability always catches the ears of party listeners as he immolates your favorite artists’ through song. Roy’s vocal range is quite impressive, including a smooth high falsetto as he immolates artist like Prince and Robin Thicke and the lowest vocal ranges while performing Barry White and Lou Rawls. Some of the songs he plays a listener could easily mistake him for a CD or the actual performer if they are not looking directly at him perform.

Variety is another gimmick of Roy Daye, Jr. On any given night, you will hear familiar tunes by artists like John Mayer, Van Morrison, Neil Young, The Doobie Brothers, Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Temptations, Diswalla, Maroon 5, Sinatra, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and many more.

If your event calls for a fuller sound that the one man show that Roy is able to fully provide, he often times is seen coupled as a duo or trio adding either another guitarist or keyboard player to enrich his sound. Whatever the occasion calls for, whether it’s a romantic event, a bar or restaurant that needs top quality entertainment or a wine tasting and the need is to have a low key performer with a keen eye for what type of music to play and when to play it, Roy Daye Jr. is the right choice for nearly any occasion.

Over the years of experience and reliable service, you won’t be disappointed with this solo act. Roy is available to sing and perform for your private party, wedding reception, restaurant, and corporate event. Call Brandon at Key Signature soon to book Roy Daye, Jr. for your event!

Musical Style: Neo-Soul, R&B, Motown, Hip-Pop, Alternative

Musical Influences: Prince, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, John Mayer

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