WireWood FAQs


Q. What style of music do you play?

A.  Everything under the sun, from Top 40 hits to Frank Sinatra to indie covers, as well as plenty of WireWood’s original music.


Q. How many pieces do you typically play as & what instruments are they?

A.  We are an instrumental duo consisting of cello and guitar


Q. Do you play in other configurations?

A.  Typically no, simply because what we do is very unique – we play almost all of our music by ear, which makes for adding other musicians a little difficult! However, occasionally we will accompany a singer by special request, especially for weddings where the client has a close friend or family member who they’d like to be involved.


Q. Why did you become a professional musician?

A.  We have both been musicians since we were kids, have degrees in music and have taught at the collegiate level. We have put in hours of practice time, sure, but the path to take things “pro” was pretty clear cut! Both of us have a heart and love for music; it’s pretty awesome to have such a creative line of work, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with cons (we work nights and weekends!).


Q. Where are you located?

A.  We are based in Greenville, SC, not far from Atlanta, Charleston, Asheville and Charlotte.


Q. Do you travel?

A.  Absolutely we do! We have traveled out of state for numerous events.


Q. Why should an event professional book you/your band?

A.  WireWood has been in the event business since 2011 and we’ve have played literally hundreds of events, be it weddings, corporate parties, non-profit fundraisers, charity events, or just a good old fashioned birthday party. We’ve seen it all and we’ve played in most every condition. We think like professionals because we ARE professionals. Just a few weeks ago, we were booked for an event where we were told we would be able to use the house sound system; however, there was an oversight, so when the event coordinator came up to us in a panic, asking if we had our sound system by chance, we were able to say, “We never leave home without it!”  You simply never know what you’re going to run into at an event; don’t leave one of the most important aspects of a successful event (entertainment) to chance!


Q. Do you have the capability of providing your own sound & lights?

A.  We always provide a sound system unless the client prefers us to utilize the venue’s system;  we do not provide additional lighting.



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