Midnight Special

And so our Story Begins …

On a frigid New Years Eve show in 1976 when two local Cincinnati bands where scheduled to perform together.

All seemed like just another Happy New Year’s show with the slight exception that only ONE member from each band had showed up! So just who where these two prompt and punctual professionals you ask? Well non other than founding members Gregg St.Charles and Joey Von Richter who then scrambled to collect enough pocket change to make a few calls to find some other musicians to help cover the night.

Well, what went down on that special night was nothing short of a belated Christmas Miracle, for on that magical night was forged the beginning of a band that would come and go for the next 33 years …

Midnight Special then went on to tour nationally becoming one of America’s Premier Rock N Roll shows, opening for countless National headliners, Fairs, Theaters, Festivals, Theme Parks and Bar Mitzvah’s …

Midnight Special also enjoyed regional success on Polygraph Records with the release of “Eye to Eye” and “Dixie Normous” ( a Southern Rock Anthem ironically banned in the south ??).

Speaking of Southern Rock … Midnight Special was also the 1st. band in documented history to have “FREEBIRD” screamed out at a concert event … this live music ritual has since continued on through the last four decades and continues to be practiced today at any given concert event no matter how unlikely it is that it will be played … but remember “We” heard it first!

So after years of endless touring and recording the band called it quits in 1983 to pursue various solo projects, Capitol ventures and extensive tours of some of the best Re-hab clinics in the world.

Now marks the 30 year Anniversary of one of America’s All Time Great Rock N Roll shows performing a collection of classic 70s rock from the list of Greatest Songs of All Time in true 70s fashion.

Midnight Special still has ALL of there original Vintage instruments and stage equipment from there last tour “Endowed & Proud! 82” making this a very authentic trip back to 70s Rock n Roll with Classic Experience … Midnight Special …

That’s Our Story and We’re Sticking to it!

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