Key Signature Entertainment is a live music and entertainment booking resource, dedicated to connecting customers to talent. We understand that the nature of our business is unique, and hope that these FAQs will help answer any questions that you may have.  If you have any questions that we have not addressed here, please contact us using the phone number or email below and we would be happy to help you.



Virtual Live Music FAQs

Where does live music fit in a virtual event?

Live music can fit in multiple components of your virtual event: 

  • Waiting room music while people are signing into the event. This encourages people to sign into the event early, and allows them to get settled and enjoy a live musician in their own space while they’re waiting for your event or meeting to start. The waiting room musician will typically play for 15-30 minutes. 
  • During programming breaks. Whether your event is filled with content or more social, live music can provide a nice mental break for guests to enjoy between your scheduled programming.
  • At the end of your event. What better way to thank your guests for attending than to provide the gift of live music at the end of your event where guests can wind down while making connections and reflecting on the information provided in the meeting. This would typically be 15-30 minutes of music, but can be customized to your event’s needs. 
Does the live music for my virtual event have to be “live” or can it be pre-recorded?

Your virtual live music can either happen live in real time, or it can be pre-recorded, depending on what fits best with your event and planning style. The benefits of each option are listed below: 

  • The benefit of the musician performing in real time is that you can have interaction. Guests can communicate with the artist through the chat and make song requests. The energy of a performer in real time can be engaging, and the spontaneity can be more exciting. 
  • The benefit of the musician pre-recording their performance is that there is more control over the time and the product. The musician can be more creative with the production of the video and it can be vetted before it is aired.
What types of live music will keep my guests engaged during my virtual event?

Popular styles of virtual interaction with live musicians include song requests, question and answer, and conversation through the chat feature. Each artist’s personality factors into the type of interaction that they can provide, so contact Key Signature Entertainment by going to our How to Book page, call, or email to see what musician would best fit to keep your guests engaged. 

Is the price of virtual live music more or less than in-person live music? How is the cost determined?

The cost of virtual live music is similar to that of in-person live music because the fundamentals of the performance are the same, but there is a very different set of technical skills involved with a virtual performance than there would be for an in-person performance. The cost is determined by what the musician is responsible for. The chart below shows the similarities and differences of the cost breakdown between in-person and virtual performances. 

Virtual Live Music vs In-Person Live Music Cost Breakdown

What should I expect the musician to provide in order to have quality live music at my virtual event?
  • Fast Internet Speed
  • Audio Interface for Quality Sound
  • High Quality Professional Microphone 
  • High Definition Camera
  • Polished Backdrop 
  • Lighting (specifically for video)
  • Streaming Software when Applicable
What do I as the purchaser need to provide for the musician?
  • The Virtual Venue (streaming platform) 

General FAQs About Booking Live Music 

What am I paying for when I hire a musician?
  • Professional instruments 
  • Production and sound equipment 
  • Rehearsal time 
  • Travel time to and from event 
  • Physical labor to set up and break down equipment
  • Years of practice and training to polish their talent
  • The musician’s brand 
  • Performance lighting
What is a standard amount of time to have live music at my event?

This depends on the type of event. For concerts or festivals, a standard performance time is 60-90 minutes. For private or corporate events, a band can play anywhere from 1-4 hours (1-3 hours for a solo musician). More than 3-4 hours of performance time can be possible but is strenuous on the musicians, so if you do book live music for that amount of time, the band will need adequate breaks and refreshments to keep their energy level up. 

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time that I can have live music at my event?

For private and corporate events, most bands have a 2-3 hour minimum in order to make sure that they are being fairly compensated for everything that goes into the performance (noted in a question above).  The performance time is the fun part for a musician, but the other things like travel, setup/breakdown, rehearsals, etc… are all things that factor into the need for a minimum. 

The maximum amount of time for a private or corporate event is dependent on the musicians.  A 3-4 hour time frame is standard. 5-6 hours can be possible, depending on the band. If you are in need of live music for 6+ hours, please consider hiring more than one live band for your event. A Key Signature representative would be happy to help you figure out the logistics and production of having multiple live music components at your event. 

Wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions are specifically priced to meet the needs of the occasion based on standard time frames.  Additional time or movement of equipment may be an added cost.

How far in advance should I book live music?

This is dependent on your event and the type of music that you’re interested in booking. If you’re looking for a solo musician to play during a dinner party, we can help you find that a couple weeks to a few months out. But if you’re looking for a wedding band, or a band for a corporate client with particular taste, you may want to consider looking closer to a year or more out in order to have the best chances of availability.  

A rule of thumb is that the more specific you are with your live music request, the earlier in the planning process you should consider booking live music. 

Holiday dates should also be booked closer to a year out in order to have more options available. 

With this being said, no matter where you are in your planning process, when you reach out to Key Signature Entertainment we will do our best to find the perfect live music for your event!

Why should I book live music with Key Signature Entertainment instead of researching bands on my own?

Key Signature Entertainment was started in 2009 and was built on trust and respect within the event and music industry. Since then, the company has grown to have 3 full time employees and a vast database of musicians who have been vetted by the Key Signature team. Any person can say that they’re a musician and set up a website or facebook page, but it is difficult to determine their professionalism and skill level without references, reviews or personal experience working with that band.  Luckily, we already have those references, reviews and experience, and it is our job at Key Signature Entertainment to listen to your needs, respect your budget and determine the best live music options for your or your client’s event.

What types of events can Key Signature Entertainment help me book live music for?

As a full service live music booking resource, Key Signature can book local, regional, and national bands in order to accommodate all of your live music needs. Some types of events that we book bands for include but are not limited to 

  • Concerts 
  • Festivals 
  • Corporate Events 
  • Private Parties 
  • Country Club Events 
  • Weddings 
  • Virtual Events
What happens if I have to cancel my event due to COVID-19 concerns?

Since the beginning of the pandemic shutdowns starting in March 2020, Key Signature Entertainment’s cancellation and force majeure policy has remained the same. In short, unless there is a government mandate directly prohibiting an event from happening at the time that it is contracted to take place, our normal cancellation policy stands. This means that once a contract is signed, if the event is cancelled outside of 28 days of the contracted date, the 50% deposit is forfeited. If the event is cancelled within 28 days of the contracted date, the full contracted payment is due. 

When it comes to rescheduling, ultimately, it is up to the musician’s availability and flexibility, but our goal is to be as accommodating as possible with all parties involved. 

If you have any additional questions about our cancellation policy, please call us at (704)568-1958 or send us an email


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