Johnny Millwater

Johnny Millwater’s trademark fusion of sharply-written standup comedy and death-defying variety performance has earned him the nickname “The One Man Freak Show.”

His superb use of language, rapid-fire delivery and command of his audience make him one of the fastest rising young stars in the world of comedy today.

Johnny has been destroying audiences (and stages) in hundreds of American Cities for over a decade and has worked hard to earn his reputation as a clean, high-energy and one-of-a-kind performer.

“The Comedy Show of Death” truly has something for everyone to enjoy! The Show features fire-eating, offbeat impressions, razor-sharp improv, hilarious one-liners and once you’ve seen “The Animal Balloon Of Death!!!” You’ll never forget it.

When you strap yourself in to watch Johnny Millwater, you are in for more than just a comedy show. You will enjoy an evening of excitement, surprises… and most importantly…



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