Brad Bailey

With his extremely talented and unique 8-string hybrid guitar and banjo playing, Brad Bailey is perhaps one of the most unique musicians you will hear in the Charlotte area.

Brad Bailey performs jazz standards such as “What A Wonderful World,” “Sway,” “Georgia,” “Unforgettable,” and “Route 66” in a rhythmic style that creates the sound and energy of a full band—but at a quarter of the price!

Brad Bailey FAQs

Q. What style of music do you play?

A. Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop. I usually play a mix of styles, but can also provide full events based on a single style to fit your theme.

Q. How many pieces do you typically play as & what instruments are they?

A. Solo hybrid guitar with vocals. (I can also perform instrumental only.)

Q. Do you play in other configurations?

A. Yes. Because of my unique hybrid guitar, I can provide the sound of a full band by simply adding a drummer. This is a great way to keep your costs down or where a small footprint and low volume is needed. When I provide trio, quartet, or larger ensembles, I have access to the the region’s A-list musicians, from saxophone to unique instruments such as vibraphone or world percussion.

Q. Why did you become a professional musician?

A. I love how live music can instantly and magically reshape a room or moment. It’s also fun how music has given me the chance to meet so many amazing people, organizations, and cultures.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Charlotte, NC

Q. Do you travel?

A. Yes, to anywhere.

Q. Why should an event professional book you?

A. I fully embrace my role as not just an artist—but first and foremost—my client’s service provider. I’m always punctual, flexible, and interested in doing whatever I can to make my client’s event a success for them. Also, I specialize in quiet music that feels good. The most common compliment I receive is that the music is rhythmic and positive, yet never competes with mingling conversations.

Q. Do you have the capability of providing your own sound & lights?

A. Yes. I use the highest quality sound gear that takes up very little space and minimal sight lines. I can provide subtle ambient stage lighting for indoor settings.

Count On Me NC Certified

Brad Bailey has completed the General Best Practices for COVID-19 Management certification training, making sure event safety is a priority. Learn more about the certification and training at 

Testimonial from Courtney at Hilton Charlotte Center City

This is the second time I have booked with you guys and I again was extremely happy! Brad was so polite, professional, and talented. We will continue to book with you guys. Not only are we satisfied with the talent but you as well are very professional, organized and easy to work with. All of your help is appreciated.” 


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