Diamonds and Whiskey

Diamonds and Whiskey is an award winning country rock band based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They bring it all to the table including soaring vocals, stellar musicianship, abundant energy, and crowd resonance.

Band leader of Diamonds and Whiskey, North Carolina native, Jennifer Webb, is a multi-talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter with a drive and passion for music like no other. With her enchanting voice and eloquence on keys, her prowess as a songwriter began to manifest itself in 2014.  Taking influences from a multitude of artists and genres, such as Dolly Parton, Heart, Tori Amos, Rob Thomas, and even Eminem, she has cultivated a sound and style that is as unique and refreshing as the woman herself.  It is her story-telling that sets her and the music of Diamonds and Whiskey apart.  The lyrics are earned, as her story is one of heartache, strength, and overcoming all obstacles. She is the driving force behind Diamonds and Whiskey.


Key Signature Entertainment
8510 McAlpine Park Dr. Ste 201
Charlotte, NC 28211