Chris Hannibal has been in and around theater since he was six, when he appeared on stage in ‘Columbus, the Man’. Throughout high school and college he worked onstage while pursuing a more ‘stable’ career involving accounting, sales and marketing.

In 1992, he worked with the Children’s Video Network, writing scripts, music and motivational programs for youth groups. This job evaporated at the close of ’92, and left Hannibal looking at his prospects. In working with CVM, Hannibal had created a street magician character. While he was looking for work, he took this character to the streets of Charlotte, NC and performed for tips in order to pay the rent and keep food on the table. The ‘Magic Man’ became a popular fixture in the uptown area, and Hannibal evolved the character into a genuine source of income, working nightclubs and comedy clubs throughout the Southeast.

The money was good and Hannibal’s popularity was on the upswing, but the cost was too high: being on the road for 3 weeks at a time was taking a toll on his family life. In 2001 Hannibal walked away from the comedy clubs and never looked back. Taking aim at the business world, he created original, customized programs that would entertain and educate at the same time. Carving new paths in the world of corporate entertainment, Hannibal has traveled the world with his Unique Inspirational Theatre.

Chris has been married to his biggest fan for 25 years. They have four children, and none of the kids perform card tricks.

Keynotes and Motivational Speaking

Why Stop There?

Composed for already-successful people.

The traits and actions that brought you to success can be the same traits and actions that are holding you back from climbing higher! This 60-90 minute program provides pointed, counter-intuitive insights on leadership and team building. Company specific suggestions for how to improve are illustrated, based on real-life experience

Unique Inspirational Theatre

Storytelling, Humor and a Lifetime of Inspiration

Chris Hannibal provides customized speeches, infused with magic, humor and street savvy that took him from busking on the avenue to some of the finest resorts in the world.

From his Keynote entitled “From the Street to the Stage – Focus and Determination to Pave the Road” to numerous team building and leadership programs, Hannibal will cement your message in the minds of your audience.

Need a dynamic speaker to fill those tough spots? Want to keep the team awake after lunch? Do you need someone to infuse a little humor to the seminar, yet stay ‘on message’?

You just found him.

Hannibal, The Banquet Show

Stand Up Comedy Magic People Will Talk About for Weeks to Come.

Turn Your Event Into a: “WOW! Wasn’t that Fantastic?!” Occasion!

Perfect for your awards banquets, customer appreciate dinners and holiday celebrations, this program features Sleight of Hand Magic, Stand-Up Comedy, Hilarious Audience Participation, Mind Reading and much more.

You will know that you made the correct decision to include “Hannibal, The Banquet Show” as part of your event when you hear the laughter and see all the smiles on the faces of your guests.

Versions available to fit your audience size (30 guests to 3000!) and budget.

Trade Shows

More than Magic – It’s MARKETING!

Attract qualified leads to your trade show exhibit with high-energy magic!

There will be thousands of prospective customers strolling down the aisles, but unless you can stop them, and bring them into your booth area, your company will not realize the full potential of this participation. Hannibal’s unique performance style draws and holds potential customers to your booth.

Maximum Attendance in Your Exhibit

Hannibal weaves your product message in with neo-classic sleight-of-hand magic. When he concludes his presentation the audience is in a receptive frame of mind, everyone has enjoyed hearing your company message, and the ice has been broken. Your sales personnel can then choose the clients they want to approach and give specific information. Not only that, the audience will spend the rest of the day talking about your booth with everyone they meet, and bringing back even more contacts for you.

In addition to being an excellent magician, Hannibal is also an excellent representative of your company and your products.

Whether in a trade show, sales meeting, or hospitality suite you can increase sales, leads, and identity with Hannibal.


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