Johnny Rockett

Johnny Rockett creates a full band atmosphere using dynamic guitar playing and a vibrant tenor voice.

Raised in Monroe, Louisiana to a music family of eight; Rockett grew up on singer song-writers like Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne and Jason Mraz. Johnny has toured nationally with artist: Chris Jones And The Southern Outlaws as a lead guitarist and on the open seas with Carnival Cruise Line as a guitar vocalist. He passed 800 shows as a solo guitar vocalist in 8 markets worldwide.

Johnny Rockett FAQs

Q. What style of music do you play?

A. I specialize in stripped down acoustic covers. I apply this technique where natural contrast is most apparent. For example: As a male vocalist, my favorite adaptations are of songs from female artists from the following genres: Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock & Country.

Q. How many pieces do you typically play as and what instruments are they?

A. I am a solo guitar vocalist. I use an acoustic guitar and looping station for real time vocal/instrumental & percussive looping.

Q. Do you play in other configurations?

A. No.

Q. Why did you become a professional musician?

A. There are the obvious reasons to become a musician that in some ways still apply to me: 1) The love of music. 2) The joy of performing. 3) The opportunity to enrich people’s lives with the songs that I love. All are good reasons, but my reason is that it creates an opportunity for me to be truly present. So much of my experience is easily compartmentalized into two boxes. In the first box, I’m thinking about the past with some semblance of regret or longing. In the second box, I am worrying about the future. A seesaw between regret over the past and worry over the future is costly. What I found is that it cost me the present moment. Any activity that requires one to be fully present is a worthwhile endeavor.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Charlotte, NC.

Q. Do you travel?

A. Yes. Less internationally, as of late. But yes, very much so. It is my understanding that travel is an investment not an indulgence. It is a part of my commitment to self betterment. Travel has expanded my horizons and shifted my perspective more than anything.

Q. Why should an event professional book you?

A. Three reasons why any event professional should book me for their event: 1) I can accommodate the needs of just about any crowd. With 10 years of experience as a full time musician I have the repertoire to appeal to any age group. 2) I can assess the needs of the crowd in real time and facilitate song requests. 3) I internalize the spirit of each song to provide an intimate experience for each listener.

Q. Do you have the capability of providing your own sound & lights?

A. Yes. I have a full PA system. My current system enables me to accommodate crowds inside or outside from 1-500 persons. I have a minimal lighting system; it’s a dual multicolor floor mount lighting kit set.


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