Randy Paul

Randy started playing the guitar by accident, and has since entertained audiences across the United States with his musical talent.

Randy has experienced so much in such a short time.  Growing up in a small town in the mid west, always attempting to fill the shoes of a star.  Randy started playing guitar by accident. He was a bit of a trouble maker growing up and eventually got grounded for an entire summer vacation.  That’s when he and his first guitar were introduced.  A garage sale $.50 special with 4 strings, a crack in the neck and a split finish.  With all the time and nothing to do with it, Randy started teaching himself the basics of guitar and soon found himself obsessed with the instrument and the legends who have made it such a craft.

Playing in rock bands all through junior high and high school at proms, bars, nightclubs, talent shows wherever he could be seen and to whomever would listen.  He has been in quite a few bands over the years, Nytrix, Noise Boys, Uff-Da, Victor Puppybone, Olive Carpet, and now has grasped his true love as a singer/songwriter.  These bands have allowed Randy to see the entire U.S. and entertain audiences of all genres.

Influenced heavily by Martin Sexton, Chris Cornell, Jack Johnson, The Avett Brothers, Jonathan Brooke, Sarah McLachlan and many more.  “All of these influences connect with their audiences. It’s the common ground we as musicians all long to capture”.


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