Request Station

Request Station is one of the most unique party bands on the East Coast because they give party guests the power to control the vibe of the party from start to finish, using a strong song list of well over 300 tunes (and counting) and a streamlined request system.

Request Station FAQs

Q. What style of music do you play?

A. Request Station plays what YOU want to hear! By design, the crowd chooses the songs, from Motown to Top 40, Country to 80s, Classic Rock to Pop.. it’s all there, and it’s all based on what the people want to hear!

Q. How many pieces do you typically play as and what instruments are they?

A. Request Station is primarily a 4-piece band, consisting of a bassist, guitar player, drummer, and keyboardist, all of whom sing. Despite being a four-piece band, everything you hear is live, onstage, with no prerecorded tracks!

Q. Do you play in other configurations?

A. We also play as a three-piece band without a keyboardist, and a two-piece acoustic duo, all depending on availability and the needs of our clients.

Q. Why did you become a professional musician?

A. There’s nothing like getting to put smiles on people’s faces. Bringing everyone together at a big outdoor event, making a couples’ special day exactly what they want, or even just creating a fun vibe at a party…there are few feelings like that in the world. 

Q. Where are you located?

A. Franklin, VA.

Q. Do you travel?

A. Absolutely! Request Station performs throughout the east coast, as well as western Virginia and North Carolina. We’re always willing to travel when circumstances call for it.

Q. Why should an event professional book you?

A. Live entertainment has never been better, with many quality choices to make an event a great one. Request Station exists in a unique space, however, providing an interactive show with a stellar live band, where your crowd gets to choose the exactly what songs they want to hear. There’s no second guessing, there’s no worry that the band’s songlist won’t be a good fit, and the members of Request Station are all experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in the live music industry. You’ll get quality musicianship, unparalleled professionalism, the exact songlist your crowd wants to hear, and a great time, every time. There are a lot of great choices for live music, but there’s only one Request Station!

Q. Do you have the capability of providing your own sound & lights?

A. We come contained with a basic PA and light system capable of covering most private party, college event, club shows, and smaller festivals. When a larger PA or light show is required, we have a network of industry professionals that we work with to ensure a great show every time.


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