Sincerely, Iris

Sincerely, Iris consists of singer/songwriter Todd Murray. He has a sound that can be summed up best as “road trip music.” It’s a style that’s always changing, and always moving along. Whether it be gypsy-esque or like Kerouac’s beat up old truck, shaking down the road at midnight, it is at once comforting, and somewhat unknown.

Sincerely, Iris draws upon influences from Jeff Buckley all the way to Billie Holiday. He is sponsored by Breedlove Guitars. Todd recently completed his new album, “License Plate Sessions.” This is his fourth album under the name Sincerely, Iris. His road trip music takes a noticeably bluesier route on the album. All of the song were recorded using a 4 string slide guitar consisting of scrap metal, recycled wood, rusty bolts and a Colorado license plate built by Jay Patton. This EP was recorded entirely on an 8 track console in Todd’s bedroom and produced/mixed by Jay Patton. This celebrates 40 songs released by Sincerely, Iris since 2009.

Sincerely, Iris has played shows in Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, Chicago, Savannah and is now plunging into the Charlotte music scene. He has recorded 4 albums of original material and has been featured on Chicago radio stations, WXRT, and Chicago Acoustic Underground.

Sincerely, Iris Reviews

“Modern blues is a tough genre. It’s easy to fall into the trap of what everyone thinks blues sounds like without becoming a cliche. Thankfully, Todd Murray, AKA Sincerely, Iris, writes smartly and–ahem, sincerely–and pulls off a rare feat on his newest release, License Plate Sessions. Six modern blues songs played on a four-string license plate guitar with slide.”

“It’s a bold, compelling set of original tunes, full of glorious lyrical twists and melodic turns. Sincerely, Iris remains Savannah’s most idiosyncratic (and enjoyable) acoustic artist.” – Connect Savannah

“Murray has been compared, frequently, to Jeff Buckley, and you can hear it in the yearning, almost melancholy of his lyrics and the moodiness of his vocals. “She Moves Me” and the exquisite, waltz-time “Dear Clementine” have echoes of early Gordon Lightfoot, and the spectral images of jazz-era Joni, non-twee Sufjan and early Iron & Wine appear from time to time.” – Connect Savannah

“Todd knows each songs destiny and puts his best foot forward in presenting them on his recently recorded effort, Headlight Sonata.” –


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