Steve Langley – Soap Bubble Circus

Bubbleologist Steve Langley’s Soap Bubble Circus creates a unique and interactive bubble experience for all types of events. These include indoor and outdoor performances, along with smile clouds.  Bubble entertainment can be a great fit for weddings, private events, corporate events, festivals and even virtual events.

Few things in the world so perfectly combine art, science, math and joy in the way that soap bubbles do. One of the unique strengths of Steve Langley’s Soap Bubble Circus is how they combine the educational with the entertainment qualities inherent in soap bubbles. Steve will collaborate with you on how to best integrate soap bubbles into your event. They can perform STEM-based educational programs, or they can present bubble extravaganzas at festivals and events.

The Soap Bubble Circus has years of experience and expertise, allowing them to adapt to many situations. The show is self-contained and suitable for indoor or outdoor events. Floor covering can be provided when performing indoors and leave no soap residue behind. Sound, lights and other production needs can also be provided, as needed. Offering of the Soap Bubble Circus include atmospheric bubbles for events, outdoor/indoor bubble shows, virtual close-up LED light bubble shows, virtual shows, and Smileclouds.

SmileClouds are helium-filled soap bubble foam shapes that rise into the air, creating a visual spectacle that can be seen for miles. There are many different-sized machines and an assortment of templates to make different shapes available for rent. This is the latest and coolest thing in the soap bubble business. Watch the video to see the many templates and to see the machines in action.


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