Sunset Pass Band

Sunset Pass is a fine, strong place where we go to appreciate our American heritage and music. The air is clear and the sky is large. From here you can see the trails of all who came before. You can see their work and sacrifice; the sweat, the blood, the adventure, and their love of the land. More than that, you can feel their love for freedom. The freedom that all men deserve and must fight for. It rises above color and claim. It’s the indomitable spirit of the pioneer.

Sunset Pass Band is a Western music quartet playing a variety of classic as well as their own brand of western and cowboy tunes.

So if you’re a fan of Western Swing, Americana, western wear, rodeos, horse riding, prairies (lone or otherwise) western festivals, cowboy music, western tack, saddles, western dancing, cowboy shooting, western festivals, patriotic music, bull riding, trick roping, western weddings, fiddle music, BBQ, ranching, (did we leave anything out?…oh yeah) western movies, bronco busting, the old west, or the new west…..well heck, so are they!

With their music, they’ve tried to bring you to their place and show you around with some of their favorite tales and tunes.


Key Signature Entertainment
8510 McAlpine Park Dr. Ste 201
Charlotte, NC 28211