Uncommon Jazz ft. Shan “Shableek” Richardson

Shan ‘Shableek ‘ Richardson is a Professional Jazz Saxophonist born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His live performances with his band, Uncommon Jazz, radiate energy and his love for music is felt in every song.

About Shableek

Shableek has been playing the saxophone for 25 years and his musical background stems from a gospel foundation which began in the Pentecostal Church. He has a very unique style which consists of many genres of music. His soulful and melodic sound personifies the many experiences and obstacles he has faced. Shableek’s music has been his escape from the many scars of life.

He was raised during the 70’s culture of R&B music. This background, along with his traditional and contemporary jazz studies, created his unique style. The term, ‘Bleek’, in Shan’s stage-name, ‘Shableek,’ was derived from the movie, ‘mo Better Blues’. Music is Shableek’s breath of life. He has been hailed as a lead singer on his instrument as audiences are mesmerized by his ability to emulate the nuances of a human voice through his instruments. He plays the alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, and all three instruments are played with passion & soul.


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