Who Rescued Who

“Who Rescued Who is a refreshing, unique rock band from the Southeast.”

Who Rescued Who Bio

Formed in April 2012 out of members of The John Earle Band from Jacksonville, Florida, Who Rescued Who includes founding members John Earle (vocals/guitar) and Brent Couch (drums/vocals) as well as Ryan Crary (bass/vocals) and also Corey Keith (keys/vocals) whom often joins the lineup.

John Earle began performing full-time in 2009, eventually assembling a band. Not long after, performances evolved from quiet coffee shops to packed bars and nearly sold out music halls; a feat rarely accomplished by Northeast Florida artists. John released two EP’s (which are still available on iTunes) and his music was featured on local television and publications while he focused on perfecting a distinct sound & a solid live performance.

Brent Couch studied music at Winston-Salem School of the Arts and has played with various artists from North Carolina, Georgia and New York, ranging from Rock, R&B, Fusion and Hip-Hop before uniting with John in Jacksonville. The duo created a truly unrivaled musical identity and decided to change the band’s name to Who Rescued Who. Soon after, Corey Keith began joining on, with Ryan Crary being the latest addition. Their single “Seize the Night” was released in April followed by a collection of songs released in the fall of 2012.

Regardless of the band’s desire to remain musically anonymous, WRW sounds like an updated translation of The Police, Tears For Fears, The Cure and U2. Some current musical contemporaries of WRW are Young the Giant, Morning Parade, Walk the Moon, A Silent Film, Kingsfoil and Bombay Bicycle Club.

With an incredibly strong, smooth & soulful vocal delivery from John, an untamed wild electric guitar (à la Andy Summers) and a concrete foundation stemming from Brent and Ryan, the band dishes out a live show that is astonishingly tight and precise. However, they never take each other too seriously. Comedy frequently plays a fun part of performances, with the band often candidly showcasing TV theme songs & other hilarious B-sides in the middle of a set (even engaging the crowd in quoting comedy films.) Fans enjoy the camaraderie on stage between the band, and every show is special in one way or another; mostly because the band refuses to play the same show twice.

WRW takes all the best from their surroundings to create a live show that harkens back to a time & place when music was less contrived and more genuine. You can see on the faces of the members of Who Rescued Who as they perform and the aura they bring along with them that they came to make a statement and leave an everlasting impression.

Performing well over 200 shows each year, WRW never fails to deliver a spellbinding good time by dispersing upbeat original songs mixed in with some interesting cover songs of never-ending genres. Think of a band that sounds like a unicorn singing & looks like the return of Buddy Holly. But don’t judge this book by its cover – Who Rescued Who will surprise you & then inspire you.


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