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Virtual / Hybrid Entertainment


To corporate meeting planners seeking to engage a virtual audience and looking for competent & experienced vendors to help plan and execute your virtual event, Key Signature Entertainment will lead you through an easy, simple, and honest process to source talented and vetted, virtual performers with streaming knowledge and technical skill.

We have reviewed and selected specific artists on our roster who have the capability of facilitating a quality virtual or hybrid live music experience. We have also formed partnerships with reputable production companies including LiveEvents MediaGroup and CSM Production. These companies have the capability of providing audio & video production, soundstage and virtual platform services for live music, or your entire virtual or hybrid event if need be. By utilizing one of our production partners, you are guaranteed a turn-key experience which includes brand-focused event customization and high-end production quality. To see what these companies bring to the table for hybrid and virtual events, check out the Complete Package below.

Complete Package

With this package, we will connect you with one of our partner production companies, who will take care of all the video & audio production, soundstage, streaming platform, and all logistics that go along with this. They can produce either just a virtual concert for you, or they can facilitate an entire virtual event for you that includes different components, breakouts, and of course live music. Any of our artists can be utilized with this package, so we are happy to work within your budget range/music preferences for that, and our production partners can provide you with specific quotes for their services based on your needs.
Below are some examples of virtual performances we hosted with CSM Production and LiveEvents MediaGroup handling the production.

 The Live Event Solution for Live Event Evolution feat. Pete Lents & Jennifer Siebenaler (Intimate Indoor Soundstage Setting)

DeJaVu jazz band playing for virtual event at the Live Events Media Group Studio

Hump Day Happy Hour feat. Diamonds & Whiskey with CSM Production (Outdoor Festival/Concert Setting)

Gal Friday Playing Live for Virtual Haulers on Union Event with CSM Production

Limited Package

If you don’t need a high-end production company to assist with audio and video, the Limited Package is just right for you. With this service, a Key Signature Artist provides their own production by way of streaming software. This allows for clearer audio and video quality than a smart phone camera and helps minimize latency depending on the platform used for the event.

Below are a couple of examples of Artists offered through the Limited Package.

Matt Bell – Live Music Demo For Virtual Events

Bradford Ray Bailey – Live Music for Virtual Meetings & Events

Basic Package

The Basic Package covers the basics for hybrid/virtual live music. You will receive an engaging and interactive performance by a Key Signature Artist, but they will most likely broadcast from their smart phone, home computer, or webcam if they have one. For sound quality purposes, artist selection for this package is limited to solo and duo acts.

Mike Ramsey

What Types of Events Does This Work Best For?

  • Dinner Parties
  • Team Building Meetings
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Cocktail Hours
  • Themed Receptions
  • Good Old Fashioned Concerts!

What does live music look like for a virtual event? 

Whether using Zoom or another video conferencing platform to host your client’s virtual gathering, the musician will simply access the meeting using the sign-in information provided to them by the host and use audio streaming hardware and software tools to deliver a high-quality 60 to 90-minute* performance for their virtual audience. Through this format, our musicians have the ability to take requests and engage with guests, which allows the guests to enjoy the excitement and human element of live music and events while social distancing from the safety of their own homes. Zoom pop-in entertainment at the begining or end of virtual events is a popular option, and ask us aboout interactive virtual entertainment options!

*For nonmusical unique entertainment options, performance times vary.

Viewer Internet Speed Recommendations:

Zoom recommends a download speed as the viewer of 1.5 mbps, but we recommend having at least 5 mbps for optimal viewing.   You can test your internet speed at

How do I book a musician for my virtual or hybrid event?


The process for secure virtual entertainment is very similar to booking for live events. First, you must secure a venue – in this case, a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom – where the event will take place, or a production company that will facilitate this for you.

Next, you can find musicians who offer Limited and Basic Virtual Packages by selecting the “Virtual Event” filter on the Live Music Page of our website, or by clicking here. All live bands and musicians can be considered for the Complete Package.

Once you have found an artist who you would like to consider for an event, or if you’d like our team to send you options based on your event, budget, and musical interests, you can contact us using the “Book This Artist” button on the artist page, by calling us at (704)568-1968, or by email at to connect with a KSE representative. Virtual events are new territory for a lot of folks, so we are happy to discuss which virtual package will be your best fit, answer your questions, and help you find the perfect virtual or hybrid music option for your event!

We understand that Virtual and Hybrid events are still a new concept to most, so we’ve answered some Frequently Asked Questions about virtual entertainment for you. View them by clicking the button below.

If you’re ready to hire live music for your virtual or hybrid event, or if you have further questions, please email or call us to speak with Key Signature Entertainment representative.



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