Mike Frost Band

The Mike Frost Band has become a staple in the Carolinas and beyond, regularly appearing on stage in California and in Frost’s native New York. The band’s CD releases include Riddle Me This? (2011), Get Frosted! Live at the Blue Horse (2011), Frosty Christmas (2012), Live at the Red Pepper (2013), and Inside Your Eyes (2015). Their recordings and live performances span the spectrum from traditional jazz to R&B and pop favorites, making them perfect for a cocktail event or a dance party! Originally an instrumental trio, the band teamed with singer-saxophonist Lauren Meccia in 2011.

A common reaction to hearing Mike Frost perform for the first time is, “How does he make a bass sound like that?” And fans will continue to ask themselves that same question as they hear him perform again and again. The composer, studio musician, educator, recording engineer and owner of Spirit Studio in Aiken, South Carolina is, first and foremost, a performer. He leads the Mike Frost Band as it performs regionally and nationally, demonstrating versatility rarely heard from a string instrument.

“Lauren Meccia comes across like a real musician who happens to sing. As a vocalist she has a crystal clear sound that rings like a bell, and can effortlessly go for drawing out a lyric… and yet she can also clip out a series of words like she’s jumping through an obstacle course… Her voice resonates like a glass organ.”
-George Harris, JazzWeekly.com

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