Live Music Ideas For A Welcome Party.

If your team or clients are finally making the leap back into working in-person, it doesn’t hurt to boost morale with live music! Consider these live bands and musicians for your next welcome-back party.

Fred Lee IV and Late Night Special

Style: Pop, rock and classic soul.

Late Night Special is a pop, rock and classic soul band that dishes out good vibes in spades. Their sound lends itself to the likes of Tom Petty, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, the Avett Brothers and more, and they offer smooth and original takes of songs by these legendary names too. Late Night Special most commonly performs in configurations ranging from an acoustic trio up to an electric six-piece band. Frontman Fred Lee IV also performs solo acoustic guitar with vocals and as a duo to accommodate an even smaller footprint. Fred and Late Night Special are both fantastic options for a welcome party because their sound maintains an easygoing atmosphere without overpowering the room.

Air Tropicali

Style: Soft rock, blues and classic rock.

Party trio Air Tropicali are newcomers to Key Signature’s roster. They offer soft rock, blues and classic rock favorites as well as modern pop songs in a compact and dynamic configuration. The band features GreazyKeyz, organist for the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Team, who is an asset to the band for his keen ability to engage a crowd. Air Tropicali hits the nail on the head for any event that needs fun music, but can’t accommodate the footprint or sound requirements of a large party band.

Thurston Howell

Style: Yacht rock, soft rock.

If soft rock hits from the ’70s and ’80s sounds like a good time, you came to the right place! Premier yacht rock quintet Thurston Howell, named for the Gilligan’s Island character, takes listeners on a brief tour with the sounds of Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and more, with fun stage outfits to fit the theme. If you’re looking for a band that has a classic sound with modern performance energy and the look to boot, take a ride with Thurston Howell!

Who We Are

Company Profile:

Brandon Crumpton, owner of Key Signature Entertainment, started booking live music for events over 15 years ago. He has lead the company through a growth period booking and producing entertainment to an average of over 700 events a year. Key Signature Entertainment has 2 full time employees and has developed an event staff to assist with larger, award winning events through out the season. Key Signature Entertainment was recently chosen as the 2018 Service Partner of the Year by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. This honor was voted on by key decision makers in the hospitality and events industry.

Early in his career, Brandon realized that event professionals and musicians speak a different language. He noticed that both were trying to achieve the same results, but just went about the process differently. He built Key Signature Entertainment with the goal of bridging that communication gap so that both musicians and event professionals could produce successful events effectively and efficiently.

Services offered by Key Signature Entertainment include band booking, research, vetting, and concert production. Our specialty is taking your ideas and creating a live music experience for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Key Signature Entertainment is a company of musicians who book musicians. Our motto is “Good People, Good Music”. We understand that we are in the people business first and the music business second. We’ve created an easy process to find, secure, and contract the right entertainment for your event. We understand that it can be difficult to know if the live entertainment you’re hiring is talented and professional, so let us use our expertise in music and people to secure the right fit for your event.

Call us at (704)568-1968 or visit our How to Book page to fill out the form, and we’ll have a representative contact you to help find, select and secure the right entertainment for your event.


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